Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another project !

This is a first for me in a couple of ways.
Two projects in about a month; and, I used a circular saw and a drill.  I've used the sander before.
And this one was really construction and I did most of it myself!

One of my problems is that when I get something or an idea about something I go all out and want another one, or more.  Apparently, this happens with large items too.

Well, since there was another door at the same store for a good price, I just had to dream up another use for it.

I plan to use it as a work table and I've put it in a spare bedroom.  I don't scrapbook much anymore since my son is grown, but I won't have an excuse anymore for other things.  I can use this instead of having junk all over the kitchen counter and table.  (The bedroom is upstairs, so we'll see how that works out.)

Looks like a sawhorse, doesn't it?
Well, that's what it started with.  A set of sawhorse brackets and a 2x4.

I found these brackets at Lowe's or Home Depot and they are for decks, I think, but they work OK here.  The top of this bracket is the only place nails were used.  A screw head would have stuck up more and made the cross board not lay as flat as it could.  Every where else we used screws or a carriage bolt.

See how the bracket sticks up higher than the 1x4 ?  I made sure the brackets were placed along the 2x4  where the shallow part of the door panels would be so it would lay flat.  If you used a thicker board, this would not be a problem.

My husband drilled two more holes in the brackets because the ones already there were too close to the edge of my boards.

I had planned to use carriage bolts with wing nuts with the saw horse bracket and the 2x4, but temporarily used screws just to hold it together while figuring out a few things.

The legs needed bracing so I attached a board across each leg.

This worked out really well.  I decided to use two boards on each set of legs in order to finish off the ends of the shelving boards.  There was another benefit to this because I did not have to attach the shelving boards.  They are just resting on the inside board and can be removed.  The outside board is higher and covers the ends of the shelving boards.  They were to also serve as bracing in that direction, so I might decide to screw them down if it needs it.

The height of the shelf was solely determined by the height up the legs where the width between the legs would exactly fit four 1x4s.  It worked out at a good height.

And here is the carriage bolt and wing nut attaching the 2x4 to the saw horse brackets.

Then I stained it.  Those inexpensive "white wood" boards do not look the best stained.  Ugly.  But, I'll look at it a while and if it bothers me, then I'll paint it.

I decided I wanted to set this hutch on top.  I bought it at an estate sale a while back.  So I had to rig something to make it more stable with all that weight on one side.

See those two narrow boards going down in the back?  I cut them a quarter inch MORE than the height of the bottom surface of the door because the carpet would press down.

Then I Velcro-ed the end to the bottom surface of the door so they would stay in place.

I also put felt sticky back things on the edge next to the wall.
You can already see a mark on the wall from me setting it up.

The jury is still out on those "beautiful" wood markings, but I am pretty sure it will stay as is unless I get an urge for some painting.

It just needs glass on top and a stool and I am also going to put stain on those brackets.
I plan to get a high swivel chair with a back.  It looks a bit high now, but I didn't want to cut the legs too short until I worked with it some.  I can shorten them later if need be.

It's not perfect, but I did it myself!



Loretta said...

Nicely done...how creative! Handmade is the best, and this is great! hugs

Cranberry Morning said...

Good for you!! I love glass tops. Great place to put things I want to look at and yet I don't want them to get dirty. AND, once they're under the glass, I can't lose them. lol

Nancy Claeys said...

What an awesome tutorial and I'm so impressed with your mad power tool skills!

I bet you will get much use out of this table, Amy. Well done.

Kerry said...

Looks good and a great repurpose of the door and hutch!

My Vintage Mending said...

Amy my readers acting up...I missed a couple post. YOU CAN HOARD BLOGS? Oh man sign me up.....You completed another project...crap I just put two in the trash. This is a great piece. I love the basket. Good stuff. Smiles...Renee

Candy said...

GOOD JOB. You found the perfect spot for your lil cupboard.......on top of another door!!! Im impressed girl. What will you do next?

Hey, come see me. I've found the neatest old suitcase, and of course, thought of you when I did.