Monday, March 12, 2012

"if you don't want these . . . "

Every time I'm at my mother's house, she has cleaned out some dark corner or drawer and there is a pile of things waiting for me.  Not usually a pile of big things, but small things.  This time is was mostly tiny  things.  She says "if you don't want these things,  I'm throwing them away".

Shoe buttons

Two tiny Christmas tins.  About 2 inches in size.

Teeny, tiny little dolls.  Both together are the size of a quarter.
I remember them and I had larger ones like them, but I don't remember who or what they were.

They still have their little bed, all comfy with pink tissue bedding.

My baby spoons.  I must have eaten a lot.  Nothing has changed there.

A teeny, tiny gun, a jingle bell, cat eyes, and some buttons.

My grandparents' keys.

Salt and pepper shaker.  The mate was in a previous batch.

An old key chain of mine.  Do they still make Aigner?

A baby bracelet of mine.

High school trinkets.

Another bracelet of mine.  The back is engraved "Christmas 1978".
I'm wearing it now!

I don't really know what kind of watch this is, but I like it.
It now resides on my new door display dining table.

Miniature is right.  Each of these tools is less than an inch in size.

And you know what these are . . .

Cracker Jack toy?

A tiny little box.  I don't remember what it was used for.

A red velvet lined trinket box with a rose on the top.

I've been informed that there's another box waiting on me.
See ya.



Betsy said...

Wow! These little goodies are so much fun. I love those shoe clips, they make fabulous jewelry. What a sweet thing for your mother to do. My mom does the same thing. Aren't they amazing?

Kerry said...

Nice little additions to your door display! I want to say the little dolls might be "Little Kiddles" but not sure about that. Seems like there was another miniature but I don't remember the name.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love your little goodies. My Mom went through a phase of getting rid of tiny things and I know we have another one coming soon. hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

I let my mom get rid of many items that I wish I had now today.... you know, to put in a drawer and take up space... GAH... Love your items but I just have way too much.

My Vintage Mending said...

Amy, do you know what my mom does with things she doesn't want to store anymore...she ebays them. Yep, I have had to spy on her several times. We always joke she is selling family heirlooms. Careful what you give her or she will sell them. Quick go get another little box from your mom for me...smiles...Renee

Cranberry Morning said...

What fun! And just think, the things we have will some day be treasures to our kids. Amazing, isn't it. Even now, there are things my parents had that I wish they hadn't thrown out.