Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's almost time

to get these off the shelf and displayed for Easter!

Unfortunately, these yellow pieces below aren't on my shelves, but are from Simply Yesterday antique store.

Isn't the yellow pretty?

And these blue birds aren't on my shelves either.
So many things, so many choices, so little room to put them, and, of course, not enough money for every little pretty thing that catches my eye.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I really tried . . .

 . . . to make a springy blog.  But, I'm just not a pastel person.  This is as pale as it's gonna get.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back to Google+

Blogger, Google Friend Connect, Google+, Linky things, RSS . . . enough.

I have switched from my Blogger profile to my Google+ profile (again).  It's just less complicated and I don't need (want) complicated things in my life.  Especially things that aren't a necessity.  Blogging is a fun thing for me and I want to keep it that way.


Sometimes there is nothing to say.

Amy :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

I got an "A"

Anyone paying attention so far has noticed my eclectic taste.
Traditional, high country, English, dark wood, colorful for the most part, oh, and vintage.
Add in some industrial and Eclectic officially turns into Junky.
Husband and Son had come to that conclusion a while ago.

Oh, well.  This too, may pass and when it does I'll be on the side of the road trying to get rid of my former passions for a few bucks at one of my least favorite things to do - host a yard sale.

My A is also my new favorite green color and will reside here until I find the perfect place for it.  Historically, the basement has been the home for treasures of this style, but I don't frequent the man cave and this A is Amy's and is staying where she can appreciate it.
(reminded that I need to show the 1960s Chevy grill on the basement wall)

Amy's Absolutely Adorable Awesome A

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yes, it's vintage . . .

This barn is 50-100 yards outside my front door.  In fact, these photos were taken from my front porch.
You might recognize it in other photos I've posted on the other blog or on my sidebar here.

I like it.
My father and grandfather built it in the 1950s (or 40s?).  It is a nice barn with character, not in good shape, has some new wood holding up a corner, been used for high school senior casual photographs.  
Residents include barn kitties, gophers, and weasels.  Yes, weasels.

I need a spring photo with the buttercups that are blooming on the hill immediately behind it.  However, to get the flowers, I would need to get closer than the front porch, and today the wind was blowing so hard I was afraid a piece of roof tin would blow off and kill me.
So, maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Woman At The Well

Please welcome The Woman At The Well to the blog world!

She is also at the stove and is sharing her recipes along with other cooking blogs.  
I think she might share other things as well.  
Maybe I heard a promise of crafts and sewing?

She is my friend from long, long ago.

Yes, high school graduation.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Forest and the trees

A friend commented on my last post about this photo.  She is right that it is very hard to get a decent photo of a cardinal in the snow.  I was very fortunate that day.  My husband is learning that when I say "stop the car" I mean stop the car -- after making sure it is safe, of course.

It was taken on a dirt road near my home in a forest of pines during the wonderful snow we had in January 2011.  

I drove down that road this past week and was upset to find that they are clear-cutting that forest of pines.

I'm glad I have the photos.

Thanks, Kerry, for reminding me.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cardinal, spelling, and Pearl

I visited Vintage Junky in Spring Hill, Tennessee a couple of weeks ago.

This is what I bought.  (well, one of the things I bought)

Cardinals always get my attention.

Isn't it pretty?

It is Rebecca Hargrave's spelling tablet from 1927.

Rebecca was a good speller.

Pearl has to be involved in everything.

And this is my hutch found at an estate sale last weekend.

I'm looking for a base for it to set on.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vintage photography genes

What have I done?
Do I post so often that I've run out of vintage things to photograph and post?

(Does a blog have an end?  Is this another thing I have started but will never finish?  Will I just stop one day and leave it hanging there out in blogland?  Is this too deep for my retired carefree mind?  
Yes.  Move on Amy.)

I have a feeling that blogs start as something and evolve into many other things through their life,
but I'm going to try hard to stay on topic.
I have way too many things and a couple of friends with too many things for me to post about for me to stray.

The truth is since I am actually vintage myself, I am forgetful of what photos have been posted.
If  you've seen these, sorry.

I was really, really happy to find this pulley for $6.00 at an antique mall.  Usually, they are around $25 in a store or even a flea market around this area.  Yes, I could find one in a barn, but I am not Mike and Frank and I do NOT like spiders.  And, yes, that is an iron wheel - probably a valve wheel.  

Husband:  "What are you going to do with it?"
Me:  "Look at it."

And, yes, these are on my coffee table.
I am vintage and maybe this exemplifies the "twist"ed aspect.
What can I say . . . I like metal and wood.

These are photos hanging in my computer room.  They are of my Father.
He was a photographer in the Army Air Corp in WWII.
He passed away in 1961 from a heart condition when I was nine months old.
My Mother tells people that I take after him since I love photography.  
Is there a gene for photography?

Top to bottom:  (I should hang them in chronological order)
Army photography class
High School Philomathean Society
High School football team
Army Advanced photography class.
To the right is him in camp during the war (in Tunisia, I think)

Billiard balls, but I don't know what the blue ball with the "J" is.  
I'll buy anything for a dollar or two.  
Including a bent up tray from an old tool box.  
Especially if it is red.

I mostly like C-O-L-O-R but definitely go for vintage yellowed paper too.

Until next time . . . if I can find something vintage . . .

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

and more Simply Yesterday

Photos from the booth of Sandie of Steadmans' Corner
Simply Yesterday Antiques and More
Athens, Alabama

This booth has some of everything.

Furniture . . . quilts . . .

kitchen . . . tools . . . communications . . .

I covet the white shelf/hutch.  But, the last time I looked it wasn't for sale :( 

but, I found a similar one at an estate sale this weekend for $22 . . .   :)

I might need to get the green dresser it is sitting on . . .

toys . . . games . . .

knick knacks . . . 

advertising . . .

You might even see a celebrity.

This is Brittany from Alabama Shakes (previous post) with the owner.  Sandra and I ran out of the store like groupies to talk to her.  Sandra knows her family.

Alabama Shakes appeared on Conan this past week.

They are a great group and are already very successful!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Vintage Valentines - Two

These are my Mother's valentines from when she was a little girl.

She was born in 1925, so these would be from the 1930s I would guess.

The honeycomb was probably originally red.

This one is the prettiest in my opinion.
The children and their bench look 3D to me.

These were home made.
I'm sure my Mother was not able to buy store Valentines for her friends either.

Happy Valentine's Day !