Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yes, it's vintage . . .

This barn is 50-100 yards outside my front door.  In fact, these photos were taken from my front porch.
You might recognize it in other photos I've posted on the other blog or on my sidebar here.

I like it.
My father and grandfather built it in the 1950s (or 40s?).  It is a nice barn with character, not in good shape, has some new wood holding up a corner, been used for high school senior casual photographs.  
Residents include barn kitties, gophers, and weasels.  Yes, weasels.

I need a spring photo with the buttercups that are blooming on the hill immediately behind it.  However, to get the flowers, I would need to get closer than the front porch, and today the wind was blowing so hard I was afraid a piece of roof tin would blow off and kill me.
So, maybe tomorrow.


Cranberry Morning said...

Yes, I can't wait until we are taking those wonderful spring photos - with flowers and budding trees! Enjoyed the photos. :-)

Sandie said...

Oh such a fabulous view! Beautiful! And just a little tidbit...Rebecca was related to Amelia the owner of the Valentines that I purchased from Vintage Junky. I am still fascinated with the fact that someone kept all those things and then they were left abandoned. I can't help but wonder why! Looking forward to more photos! Sandie