Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vintage photography genes

What have I done?
Do I post so often that I've run out of vintage things to photograph and post?

(Does a blog have an end?  Is this another thing I have started but will never finish?  Will I just stop one day and leave it hanging there out in blogland?  Is this too deep for my retired carefree mind?  
Yes.  Move on Amy.)

I have a feeling that blogs start as something and evolve into many other things through their life,
but I'm going to try hard to stay on topic.
I have way too many things and a couple of friends with too many things for me to post about for me to stray.

The truth is since I am actually vintage myself, I am forgetful of what photos have been posted.
If  you've seen these, sorry.

I was really, really happy to find this pulley for $6.00 at an antique mall.  Usually, they are around $25 in a store or even a flea market around this area.  Yes, I could find one in a barn, but I am not Mike and Frank and I do NOT like spiders.  And, yes, that is an iron wheel - probably a valve wheel.  

Husband:  "What are you going to do with it?"
Me:  "Look at it."

And, yes, these are on my coffee table.
I am vintage and maybe this exemplifies the "twist"ed aspect.
What can I say . . . I like metal and wood.

These are photos hanging in my computer room.  They are of my Father.
He was a photographer in the Army Air Corp in WWII.
He passed away in 1961 from a heart condition when I was nine months old.
My Mother tells people that I take after him since I love photography.  
Is there a gene for photography?

Top to bottom:  (I should hang them in chronological order)
Army photography class
High School Philomathean Society
High School football team
Army Advanced photography class.
To the right is him in camp during the war (in Tunisia, I think)

Billiard balls, but I don't know what the blue ball with the "J" is.  
I'll buy anything for a dollar or two.  
Including a bent up tray from an old tool box.  
Especially if it is red.

I mostly like C-O-L-O-R but definitely go for vintage yellowed paper too.

Until next time . . . if I can find something vintage . . .


Loretta said...

I love love the old tray with the Billiard balls and bingo cards tied together, but all of them are quite eye-catching! Thank you much for sharing them! Hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your photos are fabulous. Love the tray with the Billiard balls and the pulley is amazing. Hope you keep finding vintage to share! hugs, Linda

Barbara said...

I love your photos, too, Amy!

Betsy said...

Your photographs are stunning. I'd be happy just looking at that pulley too:-)

Cranberry Morning said...

LOVE these photos! And that header still warms my heart each time I see it! BTW, no, blogging does not have an end. It is a life sentence. lol Then again, we meet great people and great ideas...and who can get too much of that? ♥

My Vintage Mending said...

Ummm....I have a lot of things that I like to look at too. Glad I am not alone. Smiles...Renee

Amy @ with a Vintage Twist said...

Thank you, Loretta!

Amy @ with a Vintage Twist said...

Thanks, Linda. I appreciate the visit and comment!

Amy @ with a Vintage Twist said...

Thank you, Barbara!

Amy @ with a Vintage Twist said...

Thank you so much. I enjoy your blog and meeting new people even if it is the digital version of them. lol

Amy @ with a Vintage Twist said...

You are not alone, believe me! Thanks for the visit.

Into Vintage said...

Thank you for providing the perfect answer to that eternal question: What will you do with it? I sometimes ask that question when someone buys something unusual from me at a vintage event but they *always* have a plan for the thing. Me, not so much.

Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

REALLY lucky!!! $6 is a steal for the pulley...yay you :) Thanks for the visit! Laurel

Anonymous said...

Checking your word verification status for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes... it's turned off... Thank you!!! :-)

Amy @ with a Vintage Twist said...

No, thank you!!! It is truly a pain. I rarely get it right the first time!

Amy @ with a Vintage Twist said...

Liking it is many times good enough for me! Thanks for the comment and visit.

Candy said...

I just ran across this page, Amy, and I know you'll never run outta pretty old, rusty and great pieces to photograph and blog about. It was neat seeing my old wheel there on your coffee table too. Love the old pulley too. Looks great with the wheel.