Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome to Candy's Pickin and Paintin !!!

Here are more photos from Candy's Memories Gifts and Antiques

Also, I would like to introduce her new blog

Please welcome Candy to the blog world!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mrs. Pounds' Triplets and The Third Geological Report of Kentucky

Why, oh why, is she posting this?

Somewhat interesting on the outside . . . not sure about the inside

Someone else didn't think it very interesting either.  They tried to spruce it up a bit

and made it their scrapbook.  (I wonder if they are related to Johnny Depp.)

Another great use for thread.

Roughly the above says:
"Accept these lovely fragrant flowers
Just culled this eve by me
From off the pretty laden bows
I selected them for thee.

"And for this little token I ask
A single vow of thee
That it may be a pleasant task
Sometimes, sometimes to think of me."

Admittedly, I was a little repulsed by these locks of hair.

A story of Mrs. Pounds' Triplets,
Lulu, Luther, and Lura.
Born in September 1881, they attracted visitors every day to their home for a year or more.  Mrs. Pounds was quoted "Why, the people did not even allow me one day in the week to do my washing."

And a Bible lesson from May 1890

Causes and treatment of bilious and nervous headaches.

Obituaries . . .

and marriages . . . 

I wonder what W. H. Depp would think of our modern scrapbooks?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

G's Kitchen

Of course, my friend "G" is partially responsible for my addiction to vintage things.  I've antiqued since the age of 20 or so, but it's always easier when a friend (or more) feels the same.  Just this past year I learned about yard sales from her.  I had never done that before as wearing someone else's clothes is just not for me.  Little did I know that there is much more in a yard sale than clothes.

Her things are put together nicely and there are a lot of photos.  So, this will be the first of three or four posts.
 Thank you, G

 Her kitchen just isn't complete without Chester.  How about those eyes?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alabama Shakes "You Ain't Alone"

Are you engaged by holiday season jewelry and expensive car commercials?  I am.

The 2011 Zales holiday commercial was especially captivating to me.  It was beautiful.  The people were beautiful.  The snow was beautiful.  The restaurant was beautiful.  They know how to sell a diamond.  But, I'm old and grown up now and past the "diamonds will make my life magical" myth, and I thought I was past being totally knocked off my feet by a song.  Then I discovered where the music in the commercial came from.


(There was a You Tube montage video of all the different scenes in the 2011 commercials along with the music.  It says it is now privatized and the only one I can find is spoofed with over-layed words.)

We were in Cahoots

Cahoots is a restaurant in Hartselle, Alabama.  And it definitely has a vintage twist.

I intended to include just a few photos, but that didn't work out.