Thursday, January 26, 2012

G's Kitchen

Of course, my friend "G" is partially responsible for my addiction to vintage things.  I've antiqued since the age of 20 or so, but it's always easier when a friend (or more) feels the same.  Just this past year I learned about yard sales from her.  I had never done that before as wearing someone else's clothes is just not for me.  Little did I know that there is much more in a yard sale than clothes.

Her things are put together nicely and there are a lot of photos.  So, this will be the first of three or four posts.
 Thank you, G

 Her kitchen just isn't complete without Chester.  How about those eyes?


Anonymous said...

Nicely done... and who doesn't like Coca Cola?

Sandie said...

All the stuff I love! Can't wait for the rest! Sandie

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your friend has some great things and does put them together in a charming way. I must say Chester steals the show! Hugs, Linda

Karissa said...

I love your site!!!!!! I look forward to looking at all your posts and seeing what new/old things you post! :)