Monday, January 30, 2012

Mrs. Pounds' Triplets and The Third Geological Report of Kentucky

Why, oh why, is she posting this?

Somewhat interesting on the outside . . . not sure about the inside

Someone else didn't think it very interesting either.  They tried to spruce it up a bit

and made it their scrapbook.  (I wonder if they are related to Johnny Depp.)

Another great use for thread.

Roughly the above says:
"Accept these lovely fragrant flowers
Just culled this eve by me
From off the pretty laden bows
I selected them for thee.

"And for this little token I ask
A single vow of thee
That it may be a pleasant task
Sometimes, sometimes to think of me."

Admittedly, I was a little repulsed by these locks of hair.

A story of Mrs. Pounds' Triplets,
Lulu, Luther, and Lura.
Born in September 1881, they attracted visitors every day to their home for a year or more.  Mrs. Pounds was quoted "Why, the people did not even allow me one day in the week to do my washing."

And a Bible lesson from May 1890

Causes and treatment of bilious and nervous headaches.

Obituaries . . .

and marriages . . . 

I wonder what W. H. Depp would think of our modern scrapbooks?


Anonymous said...

How to keep husbands home at night? LOL

My Vintage Mending said...

Beautiful. Something to sit and read for hours. Not much for the hair either...smiles...Renee

Kerry said...

Amy, I love this it reminds me of so many things...the flower cards in my grandmother's Bible and cookbooks...the flowers from high school corsages pressed in between the encyclopedia twins since multiples (ie twins, triplets) usually didn't survive more than a few days back in those days. All wonderful memories, thanks!