Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time, and time again . . .

Time and time again something funny happens that makes one realize what a small world it really is . . . and the power of the internet.  Today, while antiquing with a friend I met a fellow blogger.  I had just commented to my friend that the items in the booth we were in reminded me so much of a blog that I follow.  We moved on and shortly a lady came into the store, went into the same booth and began to work in the booth (I believe it's called "fluffing").  Anyway, I thought she looked familiar and somehow we started a conversation.  It finally hit me why I thought I knew her.  I asked if her name was "______" and it was.  It was the blogger I was speaking of earlier to my friend. She lives about 30 miles from me and I had happened upon her blog a month or so ago.  Life is funny.

If she sees this post and lets me know that it is OK to mention her name and/or her blog here, I will gladly do so.  If not, you will forever be wondering.

Update:  Sandie @ Steadmans' Corner is a fun lady with a new booth.  Good luck to her and her parents!

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