Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Woman At The Well

Please welcome The Woman At The Well to the blog world!

She is also at the stove and is sharing her recipes along with other cooking blogs.  
I think she might share other things as well.  
Maybe I heard a promise of crafts and sewing?

She is my friend from long, long ago.

Yes, high school graduation.


Betsy said...

It's wonderful that you still have a connection so many years later.

Woman at the Well said...

Oh, thanks for the welcome Amy! There we are all red eyed from crying. After checking out Betsy's blog, you are welcome to come over and try out my Silhouette if you're inspired to do something like those baking pans.

Candy said...

What a sweet picture. You haven't changed much, Amy. 8-)

Gonna go visit your friend's blog and 'follow'.