Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cardinal, spelling, and Pearl

I visited Vintage Junky in Spring Hill, Tennessee a couple of weeks ago.

This is what I bought.  (well, one of the things I bought)

Cardinals always get my attention.

Isn't it pretty?

It is Rebecca Hargrave's spelling tablet from 1927.

Rebecca was a good speller.

Pearl has to be involved in everything.

And this is my hutch found at an estate sale last weekend.

I'm looking for a base for it to set on.


Jan@southernjunkin' said...
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Woman at the Well said...

I remember the cardinal in the snow picture you took, those are hard to get! Birds are so popular in home decor and I know it will be nice to look at on that hutch!

Loretta said...

Hi Amy, very nice find! I visited this site and enjoyed many goodies. Thanks for sharing your hunt with us! Have a nice eve. Hugs

Amy @ with a Vintage Twist said...

Thanks for visiting! And, I'm sorry, I just accidently "removed" your comment.

Amy @ with a Vintage Twist said...

Thanks, Loretta

Amy @ with a Vintage Twist said...

Thanks for reminding me of that photo. I have resurrected it.

Mecky said...

I have an old maple possum belly table that is looking for a top like that!!!LOL (It is just sitting out in the garage.)