Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Finished Something

Here's how it works with me.

1. Think of a project - done this hundreds of times
2. Get equipment and supplies for project - done this several times
3. Start on project - done this a few times
4. Finish project - this is rare for me
5. Throw away project because I don't like it - the number of times I've done this is about equal to number of times for #4 above.

But, I finished something today and it seems to be a success.  So, maybe I won't get to #5 this time!

And, it's probably a little too junky for some of you, but --- it's my house.

I didn't think of this on my own.  The last time I saw something like this was at Cahoots in Hartselle.  This table there really made me determined to do this project at home.

I found the perfect doors about a month ago at New Moon Antiques in Lawrenceburg, TN.  They are shorter and more narrow than a full size door, and there were two of them.  A single door was just too narrow for a dining table.

I have an old 1930s dining room suite and I haven't used the table in many years.  I planned to use the base for my project.  Here's how we started.  (yes, construction in my foyer)

The plan was to attach plywood to the table legs and just lay the doors on top so not to put screw holes in the doors unless we really had to for stability.

Looks good, right?  Well, those legs are just too wobbly - old, and poor design.

So I decided to just place the doors on top of the dining table we are currently using.  It had casters and we removed them to make up for the extra height the doors and glass added.

The glare prevents a great photo, but here it is.
I know, it's very busy.  But, you can't say there is nothing to look at in my house.

One day I will edit out some of the small things and add more photos.

For anyone thinking of doing something similar, it is important to NOT use original photos or photos that you do not have additional copies of.  I expect the sun to fade these so all of these are copies.  Some of them I just printed on regular printer paper for the time being.

Before you judge --- the bottom photo is from Halloween.  We really aren't like that.   Those were really great costumes for both of us because I DO NOT watch football, and my husband is the Tennessee Vols fan, not me.
Anyway, moving on.

These are some photos I took before the glass.

My father is player #6 in this high school football photo.  And, I don't mean anything by putting pearls with a football photo.  It just happened this way.

Above photo is my grandparents at school before they were married.

Above is one of my favorite old photos.  Those are two of my great-uncles with their dog, Old Jack.

Above is a copy of the Civil War discharge papers for my husband's great-great-grandfather.  (I think that's the correct number of greats).

That's all.  And, that's enough, I'm sure.


Loretta said...

Oh Amy, I love this! It is such a great idea...
and the little vignettes you've created in each section with your treasured memorabilia is priceless! Love love it! Hope you have a very good weekend, and keep on creating!

Kerry said...

What a wonderful conversation piece! Feels good to finish a project doesn't it?

Sandie said...

It looks wonderful! I love all of your family photos. And it is great to finally meet another Alabama person who does not like football! I think we are a rare item in our state! Now ready to see the next project.;)

Barbara said...

That's a really great idea. Already wondering if a cabinet door would work for a coffee-table sized table. (Completely understand your whole craft-project idea methodology!)

My Vintage Mending said...

Love it. I think it is perfectly messy. The kind of table you should have dinner at. I myself go all the way to five which by the way waste an enormous amount of time and then I end up throwing it away. Huge disappointment. I think your plan is way better...smiles...Renee

Candy said...

Amy, I absolutely love it. There' so many memories right there to enjoy each time you sit down to eat. And, those chairs are perfect with the table. Hey, tell us about the door cupboard in the corner. I'd like to see pictures of it too. Your entire dining room looks so inviting, so comfy and so gorgeous.

Candy said...

pssss...........I love that your husband has his shirt on inside out. 8-0

Cranberry Morning said...

I LOVE having stuff to look at at other people's houses, so this is right down my alley. I'm probably way too visual for my own good, so I might get so engrossed in the things under the glass that I neglect to talk to you. lol I loved your list, by the way. :-)