Monday, March 19, 2012

Laundry Soap

Have you made laundry soap before?
I have been using it for several months now and I like it.
I use the diy Natural website for information on such things.

I used the finer side of the grater this time and like it better.

Although I didn't have any problem with the soap melting in the wash when I used the larger side of the grater, I like the tiny shavings better than those made with this side of the grater.

You can find many variations on the amounts of each ingredient, so it is not an exact science.
I used one bar of the Fels-Naptha soap, to about 1.5 cups each of Washing Soda and Borax.  I increased the Washing Soda and Borax because the Fels-Naptha bar seems bigger than other bars of soap.

About one tablespoon per load works well for me, however, I do not have a really dirty laundry.
No small children or sports players any longer.
I still use Shout for stains, or for a white item, sometimes I rub in a dab of the mixture and let set in a small amount of water.

Try a small batch.  You might like it and the effort is well worth the savings.



Loretta said...

Hi Amy, I'm going to come back and get this recipe because I want to try it! I've never attempt to make it, so it will be a treat for me! Thanks for sharing...luv

Cranberry Morning said...

I do this too! And it's a great way to use my odds and ends from my homemade soaps! Only thing is, I wish there were a cheap and TOUGH food processor that would do the grating for me. Yes, lazy me. But I do use this with each batch of laundry (I often add a half-cup of bleach with my white things) and only use GAIN for our best shirts, because it has brighteners. I suspect that everyone who tries this will stick with it. It's so much cheaper! It did take me a while to get it through my head that SUDS is not the indicator of how well a soap cleans. lol

Kerry said...

I have never tried it, but sounds like a great alternative to the expensive laundry detergent.

My Vintage Mending said...

Yes I do but I like to scoop mine into the washer with a thrifted metal baby cup. Just the perfect little edition to a mundane chore....smiles...Renee

Vintage Gal said...

I love, love, love home made laundry soap. I use it all the time. It makes laundry just that much nicer to do. Don't you think?