Friday, April 13, 2012

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I love it when a package arrives.  Especially when it brings a beautiful item.
An item with so many things in one package.

Food.  Color.  Photography.  Cats.  Dogs.  Horses.  Cows.  Kids.  Rural.  Life.

We watch several cooking shows and I have seen The Pioneer Woman television show a few times.
I like the show, but the airings usually coincide with other activities so I don't get to see it all the time.

I was interested in her cookbooks, but my friend's blog The Woman at the Well showcases many of her recipes.  So, I just visited Kerry's blog and The Pioneer Woman's blog and tried to be happy with that.

Kerry brought her book for me to see before I bought it and the decision was made.
I had to have one.

The book is beautiful so I had to share it.

It draws me for many reasons other than the simple, scrumptious, step-by-step recipes
(see book cover above title :)).

There are many, many photos in the book.
Beautiful photos of not just the food and food preparation, but photos from her life.

The first place I went was to the index.


I was going to include photos here of photos in the book, but the fine print said bla, bla, bla about reproducing bla, bla, bla, so I'm going to leave you curious with just my text that would go along with the photos.

Isn't that a wonderful looking burger and a beautiful photo of a burger?

Handsome men and horses.
If you like horses, there are many wonderful horses.

Cats.  What can I say about a cookbook with lots of cat photos.
Simply wonderful.

Kids.  Sweet photos of kids doing kid things.

If you just love beautiful books, I can recommend this one.

And then, there is The End.
And what a delightful end it is.


Cranberry Morning said...

Yeah, I guess there's a reason why she's popular, huh. :-) Wanted to stop in and say hi even though my computer won't be up and running for another week. Such a pain in the neck. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend. sent from my husband's computer.

Anonymous said...

I opted out of purchasing either of her cookbooks... the recipes are just too unhealthy for us.

My Vintage Mending said...

Just got this on Monday and we have eaten the apple dumplings, sloppy joes and chicken and noodle soup already...Her first cook book was such a hit at our house I was thrilled to see a new one. All the pictures and captions are amazing....smiles...Renee

Kerry said...

It is a great book! I look forward to seeing your photos and maybe we can share a burger or something together soon!

Linda said...

Great post. I have never seen the Pioneer Woman, but that is my kind of show.

Pam said...

I bought her first book and have been eyeing this one. I was thinking of getting it on the iPad, but the more I think about it, I want a real book to hold in my hands.